EPoS Systems for Restaurants

Through advanced technology, CBE offers the most comprehensive, robust and reliable EPoS solution for the hospitality sector.

Restaurant owners rely on software to seamlessly manage complex, simultaneous tasks such as taking and communicating guest orders remotely, stock monitoring, take-away delivery management and payment processing.

CBE EPoS Solutions for Restaurants

CBE’s restaurant portfolio is the most comprehensive, flexible and intuitive EPoS system for this sector, and includes the following:

  • Touch Screen systems:
  • All of our EPoS unite have strong security features to reduce pilferage
  • Direct printing to the kitchen and bar areas for food and drink orders
  • The touch screens seamlessly integrate with our Wireless Ordering System. This mobile solution greatly improves efficiencies within the business and allows staff to serve 25% more guests on average
  • Efficient ‘Table Management’ solution with automated electronic reservations and waitlist module
  • Gift card and loyalty suite
  • Ability to implement an employee contest scheme
  • Back Office System – manages stock, effortless purchase order and delivery processing. Provides hundreds of business critical reports including profit margin analysis and sales history breakdown
  • Credit/Debit Card Payment terminals with reduced transaction rates – processes debit and credit cards six times faster than existing terminals. Our terminals are ‘Contactless’ enabled to allow for increased efficiencies at the point of sale
  • Delivery Module – for sites that offer deliveries as part of their service, the CBE system deals with sit-down, take-away and delivery orders. Includes intelligent customer search feature, driver management and assigning, re-ordering of purchases, accurate reporting, etc.

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