EPoS Systems for Take-Away/Fast Food Restaurants

Through advanced technology, CBE offers the most comprehensive, robust and reliable EPoS solution for the hospitality sector.

The Take-Away industry relies on software that can track and manage orders, assign delivery drivers, run sales reports and gather and store a reliable database of customer addresses and phone numbers. A user-friendly, intuitive sales management system is also crucial, as well as multi-site control of sales and profit reports.

CBE EPoS Solutions for Take-Away/Fast Food Restaurants

CBE’s EPoS system is the most comprehensive, flexible and intuitive solution for this sector, and includes the following:

  •  Touch Screen systems:
  • Direct printing to the kitchen
  • Delivery Module – Includes intelligent customer search feature, driver management and assigning, re-ordering of purchases, accurate reporting, etc.
  • Integrated Caller ID technology
  • Option to implement Kitchen Display Monitors
  • Back Office System – manages stock, effortless purchase order and delivery processing. Provides hundreds of business critical reports including profit margin analysis and sales history breakdown
  • Credit/Debit Card Payment terminals with reduced transaction rates – can be used within the takeaway or the latest GPRS enabled devices can be used by the drivers for accepting card payments for delivery orders. Our terminals are ‘Contactless’ enabled to allow for increased efficiencies at the point of sale.

Benefits of the CBE solution include:

  • Increased speed of service
  • Improved order accuracy and decreased waste
  • Increased combo sales
  • Improved sales with customer facing screen for digital suggestive selling
  • Simplified menu management

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