Supermarket EPoS Systems

Need a comprehensive EPoS system to manage your supermarket business? CBE have the knowledge, experience and solution suitable for you.

CBE have been dealing with the leading independent supermarket groups in the UK & Ireland for over thirty years.

CBE’s EPoS solutions support over 8 million transactions every single day and they manage 8,500 scanning terminals throughout the country.

CBE EPoS Solutions for Supermarkets

Implementing the CBE Supermarket EPoS system is an investment rather than a cost. The comprehensive software package provides retailers with critical information about their shops performance to help them improve their business and increase their profits. This data can be accessed onsite, at head office level or on the move with a smartphone/tablet device.

  • CBE FutaTill Touch Screen unit – the award winning point of sale terminal from CBE allows for faster transaction times, improved cashier controls and integration with third party solutions
  • With over 200 reports available at the touch of a button, the CBE WinRetail software solution is a ‘must have’ for any supermarket owner. Research has shown that retailers who invest in the CBE WinRetail system have seen their margins improve by as much as 8%
  • CBE’s WiFi Handheld terminal improves pricing controls and allows for better stock management. Some stores have saved up to 4-5 hours per week in labour efficiencies by utilising the functionality of the CBE WiFi Handheld
  • Supermarkets that have invested in e CBE Self-Checkout (SCO) system have seen up to 35% of customers use the units on a weekly basis. Research has shown that SCO dramatically reduces queues at peak periods, improves labour efficiencies and increases shopper satisfaction
  • 75% of all losses at the checkout are due to employee negligence – stores that have installed the CBE loss prevention system have seen this figure reduce dramatically

Other options include:


Self Checkout in JC’s supermarket

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