Cashless Solutions

CBE can offer a comprehensive Cashless Solution with full EPoS integration for complete facilities management.

Cashless solutions are popular on large sites and facilities, such as college campuses, hospitals, government buildings and large company sites. Staff and students can top up cards with money, negating the need to carry cash. The cards can also be used at access points.

CBE partnered with Magna Carta, a European leader in cashless systems, to provide an innovative smartcard offering. This system is now used in various sites throughout Europe.

The smartcard solution offers unlimited possibilities and engineering.  We deliver smartcards, software and hardware for all imaginable applications such as catering, vending, digital access, ticketing, parking, photocopying, cashless payment systems, time registration and transaction systems. The following are Key benefits of CBE’s cashless card system:

  • Safe, easy and reliable
  • Faster transactions reduce queues
  • Delivers happier customers and increased revenues
  • Saves time, reduces overhead and improves security
  • Streamlines secure transactions across a facility
  • Interfaces with third party devices e.g. copying and printing, vending machines etc.
  • Compatible with One Card Solutions

Find out more about our College/Work Campus solutions or Contact us to speak with one of our experienced consultants about your requirements.

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