Integrated Security

Fraud costs retailers huge amounts in lost revenue each year. To tackle this, CBE and its partners have developed a new system to detect and reduce internal fraud at the till. Staff and customer awareness of our toughened security features automatically reduce incidents of theft by putting-off would-be thieves. The following is a short list of some of CBE’s integrated security features:

  • Till fraud – allows user to view and operate security camera from till, negating the need to leave the till to see suspicious patrons, etc. Can monitor up to 16 locations simultaneously
  • Drive-off protection for forecourts – the system automatically logs video footage of driver, including number plate, which is visible from the till. When a drive-off occurs, the system logs the receipt and video footage and at the touch of a button provides reclaim certificate
  • Outdoor Payment Terminal  integration – designed to reduce drive-offs and improve customer service
  • Biometrics – using fingerprint recognition technology this feature improves cashier accountability and offers greater security at the point of sale

Contact us to speak with one of our experienced consultants about your requirements or to find out more about our Integrated Security System.

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